More than a simple clothing line, we are a voice for the wider man, one that is regularly forgotten. We are a brand that praises the personality and identity of our powerful and imposing demographic. Through contemporary styles developed uniquely for them, every design starts from our in-depth analysis of the wider body. We aim to serve our community through the celebration of our identity.

It’s time to break the silence. With garments developed in direct accordance to specific proportions, shapes and sizes, we can now officially say goodbye to the stigma around the wide man’s wardrobe and fight the many clichés surrounding it. Our silhouettes put the wide man first, instead of hiding him. Our fabrics stretch and move with agility, allowing for maximum comfort and breathability.

We hope to finally allow them to put their best foot forward, through a renewed level of confidence and self-esteem. More than a simple clothing line, our platform is a destination for a collective experience. It’s a space that promotes our lifestyle, our philosophy, our way of being. It’s a place for the wider man to finally lead with style and conviction.

Silhouettes that put the wide man first instead of hiding him.

Our Philosophy

We are a team, determined to change the way plus size men’s ready-to-wear is designed, perceived and consumed. Wide the brand is a state of mind; it’s a place, a feeling and a reality. A platform that elevates our clientele thanks to garments and collections developed with confidence in mind, allowing our men to take on the world. 

Based on the notion of precise cut, fit and a defined aesthetic, we aim to inspire our men and allow them to dream. It’s all about proportion and construction, the balance between great fabrics and the perfect finishing, and beyond all, a true comprehension that fashion is a human experience, not to be limited by size. 

Fashion is a tool that should be accessible to all, to help promote empowerment. It’s time we included the wider man into the conversation. It’s time we re-evaluate and redefine the image society has of them. To fight stigma and make wide men proud of themselves, we have to show them in all their glory.

The Difference

Where most brands start from smaller sizes and scale up for bigger sizes, we at Wide the brand aim to create a curated selection of styles that truly fit the wider body and its specific proportions; we aim to break the mould, and not conform to it. What we did is we altered the way we design our garments. From specific pattern work and sewing techniques to an extensive study of movement and flexibility, our products aim to elevate our clientele, and allow them to live through empowerment and confidence. For example, regular shirt buttons stretch on wider men. Our shirts are designed with a slip-on sewn seam, so you’ll never have to worry about buttons popping ever again. We have come up with silhouettes and fabrics that enhance the wide physic instead of hiding it. Our goal is to allow our wide men to live their full potential, comfortably. This is why we created Wide the Brand. It’s designed for wide men first. It’s the fashion-forward brand that we always wanted and deserve.


As we launch Wide the brand, we have chosen to opt for local production and sampling in order to insure the highest quality and preserve strong ties with our artisans and industry professionals here in Montreal.

Launching during the COVID-19 pandemic made us realize, more than ever, the importance of contributing to our local economy. It was essential for us to consider our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on the environment.

We have a responsibility towards our consumers, but also towards ourselves. Developing such a precise range takes skilled craftspeople, and we couldn’t be prouder to share with you a product designed and produced entirely in Canada. 

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